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             Tel: 0757-28386038
             Web: www.mi-university.com
             Add: 廣東佛山順德區國家高新開發區



          Model: X9060

          Exquisite and beautiful appearance design, upper cover can be designed by the body, and the other dimming maintenance is simple and easy
          High-strength industrial steel plate to ensure the overall operating life of the equipment
          1, exquisite and beautiful appearance design, the cover can be designed, the other dimming maintenance is simple and easy
          2. High-strength industrial grade steel plate to ensure the overall operating life of the equipment
          3, pre-installed genuine software, with power off sculpting, online modification of energy, speed, panel can be set parameters, multi-positioning logic, parameter backup, online upgrades motherboard program, compatible with AUTOCAD
          4, using stepping subdivision control, small error, high repeatability.
          High-precision guide rails and high-quality optical systems have greatly improved the engraving ability
          5, has a multi-document function, can store 256M job files, can be completely out of use of the computer